Launched over a decade ago, Google Fiber’s reach is still limited to 19 cities across the United States. Although this coverage is not as impressive as 1 Gbps up and down speeds, it promises to deliver back in the day, with the company progressing at least in the bandwidth department. It is now jumping at a speed of 2Gbps on a home line, which matches what Comcast has been doing since coming back in 2015. This extra throughput comes at a price, though, and not everyone is eligible for it right now.

Google plans to offer 2 gig internet connections in Nashville and Huntsville starting next month. However, it was not specified whether the high speed would be limited to a handful of neighborhoods or would be available wherever fiber is present in those cities. To support such bandwidth, Google will supply Wi-Fi 6-capable routers and mesh extender for better in-home coverage. You can get this 2 gig service for $ 100 per month (plus taxes and fees) compared to $ 70 for 1 gig line.

Before leaving for a full rollout, Google is looking for some testers to try out its new 2 gig network and its associated on-premises hardware. If you are in Nashville or Huntsville, you can head here and complete the form to sign up for the Google Fiber Trusted Tester program. The company plans to launch a commercial in both these cities later this year, while other Google fiber markets will have to wait until 2021.