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Google facilitates the pairing of Bluetooth headsets to all your Android devices

Bluetooth headphones sound much better than a few years ago, but in general they are still a pain in the butt to pair with multiple devices. Relatively few headphones allow you to pair on multiple devices, and even then, you still have to go through the pairing process with each new device.

Apple is the only company that really simplified the process of pairing multiple devices, linking the Bluetooth headset with its The W1 chip adheres to your Apple ID and allows them to work automatically on your Apple devices, and only on your Apple devices. Now google is taking a page out of Apple's book, implementing similar functionality on Android devices, with Chromebooks coming soon.

According to Google, accessories that have implemented the company's Fast Pair protocol will be linked to your account and will be able to work on any of your current devices with Android 6.0 or higher. Chromebooks support will arrive in 2019.

Fast Pair devices are still quite rare, but of course Google says it is working to implement the protocol in more headsets, citing Jaybird, Anker and Bose in particular.

Of course, the new pairing skills will not solve all your Bluetooth problems, since you will not be able to synchronize the headphones with your PC or Mac; I guess more people will want to synchronize the headphones between their laptop and the phone than between various Android devices.

Still, it's a step forward. Who knows, maybe one day Bluetooth headsets are really as convenient as any company wants you to create.

Published on November 27, 2018 at 23:44 UTC.

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