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Google extends the controls so you can mute those annoying ads that follow in each site

Do you know those ads that seem to follow you to all websites? You went to a place once to see something and bam! Ads from that site now appear on all the sites you visit. Well, now Google will allow you to silence them.

At first, it may seem like a strange movement. Google earns money in its advertising business, and giving advertisers free rein to lurk in each site seems to be very good for companies that hope to remind you of what you got once. But the search giant wrote today in a blog that wants to give you, the consumer, more transparency and control.

It's also good for business. Overwhelming him with reminder notices of what he no longer cares about is not useful to you and is a waste of business in the hope that he will return.

Google uses the example of someone looking for snow boots, so we'll go with that. Look for Snow Boots Co. to do a little research, but decide to go with another type of snow boot that is not there, or simply decide that you are not interested anymore. It is possible that this site is still sending you advertisements, even if you are no longer interested in them. It is very annoying to keep seeing everything you do not want. But now you can close everything and silence the advertiser.

You can now mute ads and adjust ad settings in recent years, but now Google offers you a way to mute those annoying reminder ads in a new control in Ad Settings.

It will also mute the announcement on all devices. Then, if you mute it on your smartphone, Google will mute it on your laptop.

You also plan to implement the new controls on more platforms in the future, such as YouTube, Search, and Gmail.

In addition to all that, Google is extending the controls for another feature of unwanted ads that implemented in 2012 that allows you to mute ads you no longer want to see.

"Millions of people use Silence this ad every day, and in 2017, we received more than 5 billion comments that tell us to mute ads that are not relevant," Jon Krafcik wrote in the Google post explaining the updates . "We incorporated that feedback by eliminating 1 million ads from our advertising network based on your comments."

Of course, these updates only affect ads served on Google, so you can still see ads from other places. Nor can you get rid of the annoying flood of ads from your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

The good news is that all you have to do to close those annoying reminder ads now is go to the Google Ads Settings to see the ads. currently pointing to you and press mute.

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