At the end of last month, Google announced that the Duo would come on a slightly larger screen in the coming weeks. Certainly, the video calling app is now available on Android TV – you can install it remotely from Google Play on the web or in the Play Store app on your device itself – but it is not yet fully functional.

I managed to download and play the Duo on my Shield TV, but it is not the full-featured experience you might expect. First, there is no launcher icon for the Duo, so the only way to launch it is through the application list in Android TV Settings. Once you have gone through the permission so that your contact list is visible, it is possible to make a call using the microphone on my remote, though only voice because I do not have a webcam attached to my shield.

It does not seem possible to receive calls on the Duo app on Android TV yet. So it is obviously not quite ready for prime time, despite the fact that you can set it up and call. Google will definitely fix this in future updates, so we’ll have to keep an eye on it.