Each year, Google adds frames of its new devices to the device's art generator. This time, Google took a little longer than usual, but the frames for Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and Pixelbook are finally here. And just like before, it is brutally easy to use, which means that you can also frame your screenshots on the new Google gadgets.

At first glance, it seems that Google has got rid of older device frameworks, but guessing right … the text called & # 39; old devices & # 39; He returns them. To use these frames, all you need to do is drag a screenshot on your device of choice. Keep in mind, however, that the screenshot must be in the correct aspect ratio. For example, you can not drag a 18: 9 Pixel 2 XL screenshot to a normal Pixel 2, which has a 16: 9 screen.

After choosing the screenshot and getting it on your device of choice, you can choose if you want to activate the shadow on the bottom of the device or the brightness of the screen that is more visible at the top of the screen, and voilà! It has your screen capture correctly framed, which you can then upload to your Play Store list or simply share. It is a simple tool, but useful.