Google Chrome unveils massive upgrades for users

Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, and Google has given five more great reasons to keep its two billion users that way.

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Google has revealed performance, feature and security enhancements for Chrome on desktop and mobile. Let’s break them down:

read later

An important catch-up feature first seen by TechDows, Chrome is adding a read letter feature on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS that allows users to save web pages to read well through the touch of a button Enables Currently flagged in Chrome Canary, users can find it by typing chrome: // flags In the browser and search for ‘read later’.

Shared password support

(Via MacRumors) Google is now rolling out support for Chrome to share their passwords with various applications on iOS. Considering the experience of many iPhone owners of the partition having their data stored with Google or Apple iCloud, it will create a far more seamless experience for millions of Chrome users. To enable this, go to Passwords and Accounts> Autofill Password> Chrome.

Tab collapsing / power saving

Chrome Beta now allows users to collapse all tabs in a group when you enable the following flag: chrome: // flags / # tab-groups collapse. This enables you to quickly hide all tabs within the tab group to save space by clicking on the group name. Building on this, TechDows noticed that Google had added another flag: ‘tab group brief pause’ that would allow users to save battery life and memory by freezing all the collapsed Chrome browser tabs. Clever.

Smart shortcut

When you use Progressive Web Apps (PWA), picked up by TheWindowsClub, Chrome will soon support smart contextual actions. For example, if you install Twitter PWA using Chrome Canary (Developer Build), the browser automatically composes a message by right-clicking the icon, check notifications, send messages directly, and explore the trend options. This brings the kind of smart functionality that Android and iPhone owners have enjoyed for years when the app’s icon has been long suppressed.

Increased Biometric Security

Spotted by 9to5Mac, Google has announced a rollout for biometric support when paying by card in Android. Previously users had to find their card – even if it was already saved – and enter their CVC number. Now Chrome will only use your phone’s fingerprint scanner / facial recognition technology, allowing you to skip this step. Expect it to roll out for laptops and desktops with biometric security in the future.

Combine all these additions with Google’s new drive to make Chrome more streamlined, as well as new Chrome OS attacks on Windows, and browser wars once again heating up.


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