Google Chrome shows what close sharing looks like

AirDrop is generally one of the best features of iPhones, especially because it also works with nearby Macs. Google has been slowly building its version of that feature for a while with near-term sharing and, as it rolls out more widely on Android, the feature has also come to Google Chrome. well sort of.

We have known for some time that Nearby Sharing will come to Google Chrome, but it was unclear what it would look like or how it could work. Now, however, we have the answer.

Seen as Techdows In the latest Chrome Canary release, Near Sharing has come at least on the Windows version of the browser, but possibly Chrome OS and MacOS as well. Unlike others, however, convenience is suggested does not Work, but at the very least we can see what it will look like.

On a computer, Nearby Sharing is a full-page service currently visible chrome: // nearby. On that page, we can see that Google will show the file being exchanged as well as any nearby device that works with this AirDrop-like feature, as seen below.

In addition, this new page also confirms that Bluetooth is an essential hardware capability that allows fixed sharing to work on Google Chrome. On a Chromebook, you’ll also have to press to toggle a quick setting.

Again, this is functionality No Live in Chrome right now, but it’s a good sign that functionality will come later. Google is currently testing Nearby Sharing on Android devices in beta, so it will probably be a few weeks before both Android and Chrome are fully ready for launch.

If you want to see this page for yourself, dive into it chrome: // flags And enable the “Close Sharing” flag. Then settle chrome: // nearby. We have confirmed that it is live on both Windows and MacOS.

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