Google Camera 8 has a new way to quickly zoom in on pixels

The Pixel 5 and 4a 5G were launched with a redesigned camera app, which later made its way to other phones. One of the Pixel UI is a new way to access full zoom control outside the preset increment in Google Camera 8.0.

Above the shutter button is a tablet with .6x (4a 5G / 5 only), 1x, and 2x increments to quickly zoom in / out. This is more convenient than pinch-to-zoom, which requires holding the phone in one hand while using the other to create gestures. One option is using a volume rocker for zoom control, but most prefer to use as a physical shutter button.

Google Camera 8.0 and 8.1 (current release) introduced another way to silently zoom on pixels. Holding down .6 / 1 / 2x will open the entire slider and drag you to exact increments. Users do not need to place their finger on the screen as the bar remains on the screen for a few seconds. In fact, the initial drag is much slower than all successful adjustments. Once you make the adjustment, make changes to whatever increments are in the “2x” preset, while you can quickly zoom back out.

The new method comes as with version 8.0 Google removed the ability to double-tap to zoom in / out. This was the way to bring the first slider early.

This zoom feature is somewhat hidden in Google Camera as most pixel owners would not think of pressing under the tablet. Meanwhile, something strange is how absolute the slider is. For example, pressing down at 1x in the center of the screen will move the circular slider picker to the left of your finger. It is not one-to-one with your finger.

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