Google Calendar and Keep Get Dark Mode on Android

Google is launching a new dark fashion for Google Calendar and Google Keep for Android users. Dark modes have become a popular feature in all applications and user interfaces, so it's no wonder that Google works to bring a dark fashion to their applications.

Google is already introducing a native dark mode for Android with the next big update, by the way. The new dark mode in Android will apply a dark theme throughout the system for the entire operating system, and obviously will work better with applications that have a dark theme built-in. Google has already promised to introduce dark modes for all the original applications, and Google Calendar and Keep it join some of its other applications, such as YouTube, which already have a built-in dark mode.

The new dark mode in Google Calendar and will be activated automatically if you enable the dark theme in Android Q, so it follows the configuration of the theme of the system. The updates are being implemented this week and it could take a few more days before they all arrive.

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