Google Cafeteria Serves Employees A Real Android Burger With Same Cheese Faux Pas


With the entire stresses from life reported within the every day information, it is refreshing typically to listen to one thing light-hearted that is not critical or impactful in any approach, however as an alternative is simply entertaining or playful. Case in level: the absurd hamburger emoji that is plagued Android for a while. If there’s one factor individuals do not like different individuals messing with, it is their hamburgers. Shame on you, Google.

As a little bit of a refresher, media badyst and Twitter person Tomas Baekdal posted to the social media service on the finish of October, drawing comparisons between the hamburger emoji utilized in iOS, versus the one in Android. If the issue one way or the other is not apparent, you might simply be one among these individuals who places the bathroom paper roll on the improper approach as nicely…

Emoji Burgers Large

Google head Sundar Pichai in the end chimed in with a hilarious tweet, saying that the corporate will cease what it is doing instantly and proper the issue the forthcoming work week. Little did we notice, that was not the tip of this little bit of forwards and backwards. Another Twitter person this weekend simply posted an image from a cafeteria at Google, the place an “Android Burger” was being served. Yup, you understand what’s coming…

Lunch at Google at the moment: an “Android Burger” ?

— Brad Fitzpatrick (@bradfitz) November three, 2017

We’re going to need to exit on a limb and say that regardless of the monumental deliberate culinary fake pas, these burgers nonetheless look downright appetizing. Although, as one Twitter person commented, the dearth of sesame seeds could possibly be thought of even be thought of full sacrilege. 

It’s actually fascinating simply how a lot the easy emoji has develop into part of our lives. The subsequent factor you understand, they will make a film about them. Oh wait…

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