Google Bain Parlor From Its App Store After Capital Riot

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* Alphabet Of inc

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Google says it is suspending the parlor from its App Store – Company

* Google: This app is aware of the posts ‘who want to increase violence in America’

* Google has stated that Play Store apps are needed to implement ‘storage apps for aggressive content’.

* The decision does not affect Parler’s availability on the web or other Android app stores – Google

(more to come.)

Apple Inc.

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Parler’s chief executive, John Matt, has threatened to ban Parler, a social-media network that favors protectionists, for violence and illegal acts, according to a notice given to The Wall Street Journal The liberal provocation for the activity has failed.

The notice stated, “We have received numerous complaints about objectionable content in your parlor service. It is alleged that the parlor app was used to plan, coordinate and facilitate illegal activities in Washington DC on November 6. ” The tech giant said that in order for Parler to be available in the App Store, it would have to do with its content-moderation plans and “what would you do to improve moderation and content?” . “

Apple set a 24-hour time limit for Parler compliance.

Launched in 2018, Parler has billed itself as a free-speech friendly and content-recommendation for free on large social networks such as Facebook and Twitter..

It has exploded in popularity since and after the 2020 US presidential election

While Parler threatens spam, violence, and other illegal activities, its rules do not prohibit hate speech and misinformation.

Mr. Matzey said that Parler believes in its current rules against incitement to violence to meet Apple’s standards and that Parler is confident that “we can uphold our values ​​and please Apple quickly.” “

However, Mr. Matzey said, he was nervous “because the text in his message was quite confrontational.”

In recent years, Apple has made a will to pull content from far-right creators considered controversial in the US in 2018, and Gab AI Podcast, a social media app in social media app Gab AI Inc. in 2017 Has appeared. At the time, they did not follow guidelines designed to create a safe environment for users.

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