Google Assistant Memory will revolutionize saving and reminders on Android

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While the first version of Google’s Android Assistant focused on voice commands until Google added smart screen-inspired visuals such as on-screen controls, Google is aiming to improve the Assistant. In 2020, a snapshot feed with personalized recommendations and upcoming events was made available.

To that end, Google seeks to make the phone’s form factor easier to use, further demonstrated by its new memory feature. This feature allows users to quickly save and find all items in one location for ease of use. The tool’s capabilities provide screenshot capture from any visited digital location, including the ability to save hosted links on pages the user interacts with.

Second, the Memory tool can store real-world items, such as handwritten notes, objects, and posters, in memory. In fact, Assistant Memory can even save the user’s reminders and thoughts for later access. Lastly, the Smart Search and Organize element allows users to locate all of those items in one place, saving time and effort.

In terms of saving capabilities, Google Assistant Memory can keep track of items, books, contacts, events, flights, hotels, photos, movies, locations, music, pictures, notes, playlists, products, recipes, reminders, restaurants, screenshots, shipments. , TV series, videos and websites.

Users can use the home screen or the Google Assistant verbal command to store items. The memory function can also maintain the context of a stored item, such as related location, screenshots, and URL.

Once the information is stored in memory, users can view all of this data in a new memory source next to the existing snapshot. By operating in reverse chronological sequence, Google will display Past Memories, as well as Today’s, in the form of card entries. These tickets are special cards available when you save any files from Google Docs, Drawing, Forms, Jamboard, Sheets, and Sites to Drive, offering a document preview for each.

In fact, Assistant Memory can even include context-related actions such as cook time (for recipes), open chat, flight status search, shipment tracking, and trailer clock, among other possibilities. Amid these offers, users will also be able to set repeating location alarms and reminders. In fact, the search bar at the top of the tool still contains “Important” and “Read Later” options, where users can organize and delete as needed.

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