Google apps won’t have to show iOS ‘permission tracking’ prompt

With iOS 14, Apple needs to let app developers opt-in to tell users about and track them. Google announced today that its first-party iOS app will stop using certain tracking methods to show upcoming permissions soon. Meanwhile, the company provided guidance to developers and advertisers ahead of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency initiative.

Tracking refers to the act of connecting user or device data collected from your app to user or device data collected from other companies’ apps, websites, or offline properties for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes. Tracking data also refers to sharing user or device data with brokers.


Google has an unspecified “handful” of iOS apps that are required to be disclosed under Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy, and allows users to “allow tracking” before they are able to proceed or ” You will need to click “Ask not to track from the application”.

Instead of showing that signal, Google will stop using a device’s unique IDFA (identifier to identifier) ​​when ATT comes into effect earlier this year, and thus be “in line with Apple’s guidance.” Of course, Google likely has other tracking methods, while everything in their stack is technically considered first-party. The company also reiterated that as soon as they are updated their services will get app privacy labels.

Meanwhile, as a major player in the advertising industry, Google is influenced by ATT on two more fronts. It warns that developers may “see a significant impact on their Google advertising revenue on iOS,” monetizing their applications through advertisements. Users are expected to refuse “tracking” when viewed quickly. As such, they can no longer be shown personalized advertising, generics are less profitable.

To help improve iOS monetization rates, we encourage developers to upgrade to version 7.64 of the Google Mobile Ads SDK for new features such as SKAdNetwork support. Learn more about how app publishers can prepare.

Additionally, advertisers will have trouble measuring how their advertising campaigns perform, and developers will find less information in the install, sales, and other metrics. Google is working with industry partners to bring changes to Apple’s approved replacement.

Meanwhile, we encourage app advertisers to upgrade to the latest version of Google Analytics Firebase for new features such as SKAdNetwork support. We encourage advertisers to closely monitor the performance and delivery of all iOS app campaigns and, if necessary, make adjustments to budgets and bids to achieve their goals.

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