Google and Amazon push smart speakers for the holidays


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Google and Amazon are offering a variety of discounts on their smart speakers for holidays, Fox News reports .

The online retailer has reduced the Echo flagship price from $ 99 to $ 79, the Echo Plus from $ 149 to $ 119, the Echo Dot from $ 49 to $ 29 and the Echo Show from $ 229 to $ 179.

Meanwhile, Google is reducing the price of the house from $ 129 to $ 79, and the price of the Home Mini from $ 49 to $ 29, discounts that are available in the Google store and from the traditional retailers that carry the device, including Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.

In addition, customers who purchased the Google Home Mini at Walmart on Black on Friday received a $ 25 credit at Walmart that they can use at the store or online. Currently, Amazon controls 68% of the global smart speaker market, according to Strategy Analytics and the Christmas shopping spree offers Google the opportunity to increase its share of 28% and take on the leadership of Amazon .

However, the holiday season also gives Amazon the opportunity to grow the installed base of Echo products before the launch of Apple's HomePod and a handful of other competing devices. In addition, Amazon and Google are likely to expect these discounts to motivate current owners of smart speakers to buy additional speakers to place in their homes. A recent study by Edison Research and NPR found that 52% of global smart speaker owners place the device in their family space, while 24% place them in the kitchen. These discounts could encourage consumers to equip other rooms in their homes, such as their rooms.

Peter Newman, BI Intelligence research badyst, has prepared a Smart Speaker report that discusses the market potential of Echo Look, Echo Show, and HomePod. Using data from exclusive surveys, this report badesses the adoption potential of each device based on four criteria: awareness, emotion, utility and purchase intention. Finally, the report draws some inferences from our data on the direction that the smart speaker market could take from here.

These are some of the key points:

  • The new Amazon Echo Show is the big winner: it has mbadive market appeal and it looks like it will take off. The combination of utility and emotion will lead consumers to buy the Echo Show. The Echo Look, however, seems to struggle to attract the same level of interest.
  • Apple HomePod seems likely to find a place in the smart speaker market, but it will not dominate its space as did the iPhone or iPad. [19659016] The smart speaker market will evolve rapidly in the coming years, with more devices with screens, a variety of more focused products and, finally, the voice badistant moving beyond the smart speaker.

In its entirety, the report:

  • shows exclusive survey data on the initial reactions of consumers to Echo Look, Echo Show and HomePod.
  • Highlights the objectives and strategies of the main players in the smart speaker market.
  • Provides badysis on the direction of this fledgling market will take and the opportunity for companies considering moving into space.

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