Google allows YouTube to return to the Amazon Smart Speaker Echo Show


Google has deemed it appropriate to return YouTube to the smart Echo Show speaker based on Amazon's screen, two months after the video service was removed from the device. The original elimination angered Amazon and sparked contradictory public statements from both sides during the move, but the two companies appear to have resolved the dispute.

The return of YouTube is particularly timely for Amazon, which is expanding its video services on the Echo Show with additional support for Vimeo and Dailymotion. An Amazon spokesperson gave the following statement to The Verge :

"We are excited to offer customers the ability to see even more video content from sources such as Vimeo, YouTube and Dailymotion on Echo Show, and more video sources will be added over time."

According to Google, The reason for the elimination of service on the Echo Show devices in September was because "the implementation of YouTube on YouTube on the Echo Show violates our terms of service, creating a broken user experience."

That problem now seems to have been solved with a change in the user interface: the new version of YouTube in Echo Show has a completely different interface that is more related to the way the service appears in a desktop web browser, as shown in video loaded by embedded below.

YouTube account holders who access the device using an Echo Show can now view their subscriptions, video recommendations and automatic playback control, all of which were missing from the optimized voice control interface designed by Amazon.

However, The Verge reports that there are now issues with the YouTube voice control integration, and the Echo Show still does not automatically play videos in full screen, with a voice command "Alexa, zoom in" required to show videos that way.

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