Google Adding Five Stadia Pro Games for August 2020

In addition to this Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break The following month, in August 2020, four games will appear on Saturday for Stadia Pro customers.

After adding four Pro Games last month, August saw a slight increase in five titles, though – again – not all at once. This Saturday will see four games starting with a $ 9.99 subscription Strange brigade, Which was announced last week:

A cooperative action adventure for four friends. You’ll explore labyrinths run by dead guardians and hideous monsters. Harness traps to turn the tables on their enemies, or blast their way into the heart of Setaki’s temple.

Also “new on Stadia” (and pro) is Kona:

Embrace your inner detective in Kona, an adventure set in a snowball Canadian village. Something strange is working on the edge of the world, and it’s up to you to solve the mystery and survive. The corner challenges both your intelligence and your nerves. When you take a northern, abandoned northern retreat amidst a deadly blizzard, open a web of clues.

Round out list Metro 2033 Redux ($ 19.99) more Just shapes and beats ($ 19.99). During this, Rock of ages 3 August 14 is coming.

Compared to the four sports departures in July, this month only sees Zombie Army 4: Dead War Excluding. The count will be on 23 titles after the addition / subtraction of August:

GRID, GYLT, Destiny 2: The Collection, Steamworld Deg2, Steamworld Quest: Hand of Gilmsch, Steamworld Deeg, Steamworld Heist, Get the Pack, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BUTTLEGROUNDS, Turing Tests, Superhots, Little Nightmare, Power Rangers: Battle for Grid: Dragons for Grid Remake, West of Loathing, Monster Boy and Cursed Kingdom, Buyer, Orcs Must! 3, Strange Brigade, Kona, Metro 2033 Redux, Just Shapes and Beats and Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break

The latest Pro titles remain at midnight PT. You can visit the Stadia Store on Android, iOS, or the web to claim Stadia Pro August 2020 games. They will join the Pro Games carousel, or you can manually look for listings.

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