Google acquires 3D audio startup Dysonics

Perhaps in an effort to beef up future Pixel Buds or AR products, Google recently acquired Dysonics, a 3D audio startup.

Founded in 2011, Dysonics came out of UC Davis’ technology incubator and started with a headphone motion tracker. Google acquired the startup in December of last year. The agreement provides for Google to acquire intellectual property and patents from the start. The finances of the deal are unknown at this time.

The people of Protocol they were the first to report on Google’s acquisition of Dysonics, although Google itself declined to comment on the acquisition. Some Dysonics employees recently noticed on LinkedIn that they had started working at Google, and two employees noted that they are developing “audio hardware” at the company. The first thought that comes to mind is Google’s Pixel Buds. Since 3D audio is a key feature of Apple’s AirPods Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro as well, it only makes sense that Google would try something similar in some future version of the Pixel Buds. However, that’s mostly speculation at this point, as Buds hasn’t been specifically mentioned. Nest speakers are another possibility, but it seems less likely, given Dysonics’ experience in headphones.

Dysonics explains that proprietary algorithms create 360-degree sound to mimic being surrounded by speakers, but through headphones or earphones.

As headphones are now the most widely used way of listening to media, Dysonics is fundamentally changing headphone audio by making it more realistic and immersive. Dysonics uses proprietary algorithms to create immersive 360 ​​° sound experiences through headphones that recreate the natural effect of being surrounded by speakers in a real space.

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