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Google & # 39; Sundar Pichai: technology education is more than just coding

Coding is a vital component of technology education, but it will not be enough to sustain the next generation of workers.

With a rapidly evolving technological world, employees will need continuous training in basic digital skills, according to Sundar. Pichai. The chief executive of Google explains in an opinion piece published by NBC News THINK that the notion of obtaining a traditional education that will provide a lifetime of work skills is a remnant of yesteryear.

"With technology rapidly changing and new areas of work emerging and constantly changing, that is no longer the case," Pichai wrote. "We need to focus on making continuous and light education widely available."

"While digital technology should empower people, it can often take them away from their own jobs," he said.

Technology careers are rapidly surpassing STEM jobs grew by 10.5 percent between May 2009 and May 2015 compared to 5.2 percent in non-STEM jobs, according to an Office of Labor Statistics report in January 2017. [19659002] Computer-related jobs were one of the biggest gains during that period, and are projected to increase 12.5 percent from 2014 to 2024, according to the report.

Pichai points out that today's workers must have skills that barely existed five years ago, such as an administrative assistant who needs to use online programs to execute budgets, programming and accounting, among other tasks.

And he says that these skills are very easy to learn to code, pointing to $ 1 billion in new initiatives Google revealed last year aimed at training and educating workers to help them find work and grow your business.

"Through these trainings, people learn to use technology to investigate, plan events, analyze data and more," Pichai wrote. "They do not require a formal title or certificate."

He also says that he sees a "great opportunity" to reconsider training for other technology jobs that are vital to the digital economy, but that do not require knowledge in coding. One example he offered was IT support, the people who maintain the hardware and software that keeps technology services running.

"We must make sure that the next generation of jobs is a good job, in every way," Pichai wrote. "Instead of thinking about education as the opening act, we must ensure that it is a constant, natural and simple act in life, with courses, skills and light and flexible programs available to all."

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