Toys R Us is set to close its operations in the United States, endangering the jobs of some 30,000 employees and signaling the end of a chain known to generations of children and parents for its expanding stores and Geoffrey , the mascot of the giraffe. (March, 15th)

I was 6 years old in the summer of 1998 when my house burned down in an electrical installation. fire.

My memories are pretty limited about exactly what happened after putting out the fire. But the only thing that stands out is a teacher from our elementary school, Miss Judy, who takes my older sister, my younger brother and me to Toys R Us to choose a new toy.

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I still remember the car trip home, with my new game GameBoy (Blue Pokémon).

Looking back, as many people grew up as a "child Toys R Us" and the store was a staple of my childhood. Whether going to see a new video game in the "Zona R" or watching bikes with my brother, my visits left an impact.

Even years later, driving through the Paramus store, NJ near my home brought back melancholic memories, which make this week's news of its imminent liquidation seem like a major blow to the remnants of a previous pre-Internet world to Internet.

And I was far from being alone.

"When I was a kid growing up in the 80s, what impressed me the most about Toys R Us was the size of the store," wrote Dan Skinner, 41, in an email to the US. TODAY.

"Toys, board games and bicycles had high stories, and when you were 8 years old, these screens felt like skyscrapers, there were other places to buy toys, but none were as big as Toys R Us."

Taha M. Arvas was in kindergarten in 1985 when his teacher told his clbad to "bring our teddy bears for a teddy bear competition". Then Arvas went with his mother to the retailer. "I still remember the high corridors (and) countless" bears "to choose from, it is still one of my first and most precious memories," he tweeted.

It was 1985. I was in kindergarten. Our teacher told us to bring our teddy bears for a teddy bear competition. I told my mom to look at Toys R Us. I still remember the corridors high in the sky + innumerable "bears" "To choose from. It is still one of my first and most precious memories." #TellUSATODAY

– Taha M. Arvas (@TahaMArvas) 14 March 2018

Yvonne Cappiello still remembers going to her store early to buy Christmas gifts for her children. "I used to think I was crazy about doing that. The truth is that I would do it again. I'll miss you Toys r Us! ", He wrote on Twitter.

Waking up before the opening to get to the store early to make sure we could buy the toys in the children's letter to Santa. The truth is that I would do it all again We will miss you Toys r Us!

– Yvonne Cappiello (@ low2hi) March 14, 2018

Others, like Bobby Armes, remember Geoffrey the Giraffe, the company's famous mascot.

"I remember that Geoffrey gave my children a phone call every year to wish them a happy birthday," Armes tweeted. "That was special and was very appreciated. We will miss you "

I remember that Geoffrey gave my children a phone call every year to wish them a happy birthday, that was special and was very appreciated, we will miss you.

– Bobby Armes (@bobbyarmes) March 15, 2018

So thanks for the memories, Toys R Us. We will always be "Toys R Us Kids."

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