Goodbye, Katie and 6 more women count all the surprises

Things change so fast in the Single universe.

A few weeks ago, the producers had cast Katie Thurston as the next single, and the Bachelor Nation approved the choice on social media after the news leaked during a recording of the reunion. Y then Host Chris Harrison decided to defend Rachael Kirkconnell’s past racial insensitivity during a Extra interview with Rachel Lindsay, and it all fell apart.

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Now, Chris is on hiatus, Rachael is apologizing, Rachel is off Instagram (and possibly the franchise), and Emmanuel Acho is the host of the After the final rose special. And how viewers learned this Monday The Bachelor: Women Say It All, Katie is no longer the Bachelorette party heir apparent. That “leak” was eliminated, and the most Katie got was a reel full of warm and affectionate moments that she shared with Matt. It seems like the producers are really trying to work on the race and diversity issue for their hit reality show, and the next bachelorette party will likely be black, brunette, or Asian. Better luck next time, Katie.

But kudos to Katie for standing her ground when everyone from Pieper to Serena C. questioned her motives for telling Matt about the toxicity and bullying in the house. Mari called Katie a hypocrite for speaking ill of Sarah (remember her?) Only to defend her shortly after. But Katie called that “learning and growing.” Speaking of which, how surprised were you that Victoria actually apologized to Katie for insulting her? That’s a lot more than Ryan got from Victoria, who not only acted defensively, but called Ryan emotional and questioned his “disgust.” That’s not a word, ma’am.

Read on for six other shocking developments from Women say it all:

Katie, Kit, Khaylah The Bachelor

Katie, Kit, Khaylah The Bachelor


Perhaps part of the animosity directed at Katie was due to the fact that the other women were upset that she might be the next bachelorette party. But Katie didn’t help matters when she said that the reaction some of the women received on social media was “karma.” That’s when Chelsea (and her amazing new blonde) said, “Um, excuse me?”

Katie said Chelsea questioned her, but Khaylah, whom Katie described as one of the best contestants on the show, said Chelsea was actually trying to foster dialogue and understanding. Boom.

VICTORIA AND MJ ON THE DEFENSIVE | Victoria said Ryan needed to have tougher skin because he had it when viewers made fun of his puffy eye and flashy bra straps. But again, Victoria confessed to Matt, who didn’t make it until the final 20 minutes of the special, that she was wrong to say bad things about him after she was thrown out. And in what was easily her most honest and genuine moment, Victoria said she did those things out of insecurity. Wow, good boy Matt and good manners have finally rubbed off on Victoria. As an added bonus, the blooper roll highlighting all the times Victoria said “literally” caught giggles and even made the self-proclaimed Queen laugh.

MJ, on the other hand, still seems to blame Jessenia for her departure. He didn’t apologize to Jessenia, but admitted that his “varsity / junior varsity” jokes, which is how he described the original contestants versus the latecomers, went too far. Needless to say, MJ and Jessenia will never be friends.

CONFRONTATION OF BRITAIN AND ANNA | Chris, who filmed the show before its license went into effect, called Brittany to the hot seat, where she said she did not attend. The Bachelor be bullied. Sadly, that’s what happened when Anna told everyone that Brittany was rumored to be a high-end escort. Brittany said that while she appreciated Anna’s apology in Women say it all, it would have meant more if Anna had reached out to her when the episode aired. Brittany also added a very timely message to real sex workers. Although she is not, Brittany said that no one should embarrass sex workers because in the end, it is an occupation and nothing more. Anna, in turn, said that she spread those rumors out of insecurity and anger, and that she is trying to be a better person.


There are apparently footage that fans didn’t see, including a challenge where women put their hands into boxes full of bugs and other disgusting and disgusting things to catch wedding rings. In another challenge, women on a group date had pancakes and beer, and on another, raw eggs. Yuck. Thank goodness for editing.

That said, the editors could only do so much to hide the fact that Matt kisses wide-eyed. Chris and all the women made fun of the now very bearded Bachelor about the quirk, and Matt said that now he realizes that it is something very creepy.

MATT AND SERENA P. SIGAN | Serena P. confessed that she liked Matt until she met his family, and then she realized that her feelings weren’t as strong as they should be. While that still doesn’t make a lot of sense, Serena said she wants her boo ex to be happy. Matt thanked her for her honesty and said it allowed him to find the right woman after all, even though her rejection hurt him at first.

PIEPER REQUESTS CLOSURE | It is interesting that the very words that Serena P. used to tell Matt why he was not her person are very similar to what Matt finally said to Pieper when he asked him about their breakup. Although Matt seemed very interested in Pieper for a while, he grew much closer to Michelle, Rachael, Brie, and Serena P. and decided that Pieper did not inspire the same passion or investment. That is not what he said, but that is what he meant. If producers are paying attention, they should make Pieper the next bachelorette party. But hey, what do we know?

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