Good Brothers won Impact Tag titles

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows had their crack at the tag team title in a standard match against The North, and they made the most of an opportunity by winning gold at Impact Tuning point special event.

The match begins with The North insisting on attacking Anderson. Gallows finally got the hot tag to clean the house. Ethan Page and Josh Alexander rebound with a kick to the head and a scramble of the forearm blast. He put the big man down with a slam in front of a double team. Hanging on the noose.

North tried to end it with a teamwork finisher, but Anderson pulled the top rope down to crash the page. The Good Brothers executed a neckbreaker Suplex combo on Alexander. He set up his Magic Killer finisher, however, with Page using the big kick to save his partner. The four men broke up at each other.

The match allows Anderson and Alexander to physically change. Anderson worked hard with a backbone for Page and a gun stun for Alexander. The Good Brothers ended Alexander with a Magic Killer to win the Impact Tag Belt.

The second title of North only lasted 21 days.

Are you happy for the success of good brothers? Or would you have preferred a longer run for an answer? Does winning Impact Gold resume the overall career of the good brothers?

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