Gone! On Thursday, there were 900 appointments for Kovid’s vaccine at the Ascent in Syracuse.

Updated at 5 pm: According to county website, all appointments leave within an hour

Syracuse, NY – In less than an hour, people received 990 hard-to-come appointments for the first dose of the coronovirus vaccine made available today by Ondonga County. The shots will be given on Thursday at the Oncanter in downtown Syracuse.

County executive Ryan McMahon tweeted at around 4 a.m. that appointments were available. They all left before 5 pm.

The county received 900 vials of the modern vaccine it had received in the previous weeks. From 900 vials, 990 doses can be given in the county, McMahon said.

In Central New York, appointments are going on fast this week, given the lack of vaccine supply.

McMahon tweeted that the slots were available after 4 pm 20 minutes, with only 990 slots left. According to the website, as of 4:48 pm, no appointment was made.

When more vaccines become available, appointments can be scheduled online on the County Vaccine page. Senior citizens or others who are unable to navigate online can call 211.

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