Gone in 30 seconds: after driving the car to the new owner it went too far

In perhaps the most recent attempt to set a world record for lowest ownership for a new vehicle from a friend from Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, England injured him after owning his car for only 30 seconds.

It was a pure coincidence that the man ceased ownership of his silver Renault Megane, as police revealed on the Northampton Hub Specials Twitter channel. But common sense and obeying the law could have prevented it. Shortly after driving the car too far earlier this week, the driver lost control of the vehicle and nearly crashed a police vehicle.

When he – you guessed it – asked for his papers, and there was one he could not provide: insurance.

“This vehicle is almost head with our motor,” Police says. “The driver told the officers that he had brought the car 30 seconds earlier and for once it was indeed true. Unfortunately his unlikely insurance took it. And well you all know what happens next .. # Seized

Since this bizarre incident was made public on social media, the jokes did not stop. “Gone in 30 seconds,” A rift in the name of the cult film gone in 60 SecondsIs a favorite but “New car without car” Coming as a strong second. The bottom line is that, in the UK, not getting insurance on your car is a sure way to find yourself in a position to find alternative means of transport for the future.

It is not that it is preventing drivers from taking their chances. Northamptonshire has been running an all-day road safety campaign, Operation Journey, since October, and findings suggest driving without insurance is the number one most common traffic offense. And it always ends in the seizure of the vehicle.


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