Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry leaves Monday night’s victory with a sprained right ankle


NEW ORLEANS – Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry left Monday's 125-115 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans after bending his right ankle.

X-rays taken after the game were negative. But Curry left the Smoothie King Center with a boot and crutches, and the angle at which his ankle was bent seemed severe.

"I had not done that in a while," Curry said after the game. "I twisted my ankle, see how it feels tomorrow and more or less from there, obviously it's a sucky situation, but I'll be back."

The injury occurred when there was a minute left for regulation as Curry and Pelicans guard E "Twaun Moore became entangled.


"It was a play silly because I tried to i r for a robbery, "Curry said. "And then, obviously, it was just a bang-bang [play]." I got hooked on E "Twaun's shoe when I pbaded by him and could not catch myself." So obviously it hurt, but I wanted to get back here, get comfortable. and make the rehabilitation process begin as soon as possible. "

It's not clear at this time how much time Curry can lose, but he seemed to be in good spirits after the game. He spent some time talking to the pelican coach and former Warriors badistant, Alvin Gentry, before heading to the bus with crutches while fans shouted his name.

"This is more of the worried side," Curry said, before correcting himself. "I should not say that, it's more about him … I will not recover tomorrow morning and I'll wake up like, well, it should be whatever it is, just because of the swelling." But considering all things, I should … knowing that I've been through this before on this ankle and knowing that the surgical repairs of five, six years ago are fine, I could recover.

"Fortunately [the X-rays] I came back and I just took it one day at a time and it's up to the athletic coaching staff to get him back on the court as soon as possible. "

Curry's teammates expect their star guard to return soon, but they want him to take so much" It's not good, but hopefully it will be well on time, "Warriors forward Klay Thompson said." There's no need to rush it, but it's definitely not good … He has not had that problem [ankle] in years. He will come back and be stronger than ever. I just want him to take his time and feel 100 percent again. "

" I did not see him writhe, but I saw him return with crutches, so stay positive, "added Warrior star Kevin Durant "Fortunately it gets better fast, but we also want you to take your time and make sure that thing is 100%. It stinks, man. Later in the game and for him to be on crutches, hopefully he improves. "

Curry joked that the first thing he thought about after the injury was calling his father, Dell, to tell him they would not. the night, the Warriors will play against the Hornets .

"I always long for that trip," Curry said. "And playing in that field and playing in it." in front of the people who saw me grow up. I played before, I think I missed it in my third year in the league, so I know how to deal with emotions, so to speak, I hope my fans show up and support the other players if I'm not there and we have a good game " .

Curry's injury mitigated the fact that with five three-pointers on Monday night, he became the eighth player in NBA history to make 2,000 triple or more.

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