Golden Nuggets: How important is Jimmy Garoppolo’s no-trade clause?

Well, Monday came up with another wacky quarterback proposal that led to a ton of articles on the subject. Are here.

High prices. It takes patience. What I hear about the Patriots search for a new QB

As expressed to AthleticIf a quarterback is seen to be available, the Patriots have answered the phone. The sale price of any of the available quarterbacks has not been disclosed.

The rest of the candidates in the commercial market have established themselves: Deshaun Watson, Jimmy Garoppolo, Marcus Mariota and Sam Darnold. Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Teddy Bridgewater, Gardner Minshew and Nick Foles may also be among that group.

Which QB domino is the next to fall? The latest on the Bears, Texans, 49ers and more

Despite persistent speculation, the 49ers are backing Garoppolo. It seems increasingly unlikely that this position will change, save for the potential for major development. Coach Kyle Shanahan has indicated that an obvious upgrade would be needed to expend vital resources and get past Garoppolo. The Texans’ Deshaun Watson is the only potentially available quarterback who clearly meets that criteria, and the Niners are monitoring that situation closely as Houston tries to reconcile with his estranged interlocutor.

But the 49ers’ comfort level with Garoppolo is high enough that they can afford to be patient and wait.

What Jimmy G’s no-trade clause means for the future with the 49ers

There is absolutely no reason for him to think that he could find a better situation outside of Santa Clara, outside of Shanahan’s offense.

Garoppolo might not be a bargain with his scheduled $ 25.5 million pay (salary and bonuses) for next season, but the 49ers don’t think he will be overpaid either.

Still, it’s hard to imagine Garoppolo receiving a two-year, $ 51.1 million deal, the real money left on his contract with the 49ers, right now if he were suddenly a free agent.

Still, it’s hard to imagine Garoppolo receiving a two-year, $ 51.1 million deal, the real money left on his contract with the 49ers, right now if he were suddenly a free agent.

Things can change, of course, but at this point the most likely scenario is Jimmy Garoppolo going nowhere and making that money with the 49ers.

Seven 49ers free agents could target to fill roster gaps in the offseason

Plan A is to keep Trent Williams red and gold, but if the 49ers can’t secure the eight-time Pro Bowl tackle, they need to have a replacement plan in place. Robinson is a solid option that would cost the team less, while also providing blindside protection for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Robinson was a second-round pick for the Alabama Jaguars and has played nearly every game since returning from an ACL injury that kept him out of all but two games in 2018. While the former Crimson tackle Tide has not excelled on the offensive line, with proper training he can improve.

Pro Football Focus projects Robinson’s salary in 2021 to be roughly $ 2 million, which would allow the 49ers to secure players like Juszczyk on another multi-year contract as they seek their next tackle in the draft.

Simms can’t imagine a 49ers trade scenario involving Nick Bosa

“I don’t think they’ll give away Nick Bosa,” Simms said. “Not me. Defense is built around the passing race. Dee FordIt doesn’t look good that I’m going to be able to play. I don’t know where it is. I mean, injury has to be a concern. He was non-existent [in 2020].

“Now you’re going to lose Nick Bosa, who really – we said this a lot – before the injury, Nick Bosa was one of the best defensive players in football. I don’t think Shanahan, I don’t think they sacrifice that. I do not. I do not. I don’t think they’ll let Nick Bosa go. “

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