Golden Nuggets: Bedard says 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is “by far” the Patriots’ Plan A at quarterback for 21

Greg Bedard has worked on the rhythm of the Dolphins, Packers and Patriots for more than a decade in various publications, including Sports Illustrated and the Boston Globe. Bedard currently covers the Patriots on a website he founded called the Boston Sports Journal.

Earlier this week, Bedard said the optimal situation for the Patriots heading into the 2021 season is for Jimmy Garoppolo to be their starter. Here’s the full four-minute video:

Bedard said Patriots fans should encourage the 49ers to make a change at quarterback, as Garoppolo cannot play for New England if he is still under center in San Francisco. Bedard also weighs who wears the pants in the 49ers front office, Teddy Bridgewater as Niner, what kind of quarterback Kyle Shanahan prefers, and much more in the video above.

Why the 49ers re-signed Ross Dwelley – Cohn

And Dwelley performed extremely well as Kittle’s understudy. Look at these numbers: Dwelley averaged 12.9 yards per catch in 2020, and Kittle averaged 13.2. Dwelley averaged 5.6 yards after the catch, and Kittle averaged 6.2. And Dwelley caught 79.2 percent of his targets, while Kittle caught 76.2 percent.

Dwelley made an admirable impression of Kittle and improved enormously in the process. And Dwelley still has room to grow. He just turned 26 in January and could get a lot more involved in the passing game next season if Kyle Juszczyk and / or Kendrick Bourne sign elsewhere in free agency.

Will Jimmy Garoppolo return to the Patriots? – Florio

Regardless of how it plays out, the 49ers are surely quietly looking for an upgrade. Why shouldn’t they? Of all positions other than kicker and kicker, quarterbacks enjoy rules that maximize their ability to stay healthy. Garoppolo has not been able to do that.

He also couldn’t do it in New England, making the Patriots’ interest in handing him the keys to the offense a bit confusing. Garoppolo auditioned for four games in 2016 during Brady’s #Deflategate suspension, and Garoppolo was injured in the second game.

It’s also impossible to forget the fact that Garoppolo’s performance in a divisional round win against the Vikings in January 2020 scared coach Kyle Shanahan enough to knock the ball out of Garoppolo’s hands, running heavy for the rest of the game. the win over Minnesota and turning Garoppolo looks like Bob Griese in the NFC Championship, with just eight passes thrown in a 37-20 win over the Packers.

49ers offseason needs ranking – YES

1) Corner

This is a no-brainer. The 49ers currently have no cornerbacks who have started a game for them under contract for 2021. To make the situation even more dire, aside from Emmanuel Moseley, all of the 2020 starters are unrestricted free agents, which means the 49ers will need to overcome. to others. teams for their services.

Look for the 49ers to add at least one cornerback through free agency and another during the early part of the draft.

49ers NFL draft: 4 teams that could trade for No. 12 overall pick

Business partner no. 49ers 4: Chicago Bears

The Bears are passing quarterback Mitchell Trubisky this offseason. And after another mediocre offensive season in Chicago, head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace will be under the microscope heading into 2021. If ever there was a time to be aggressive, it will probably involve a move to land one of the names in a very heavy quarterback class, it is now.

Chicago has each of its picks from rounds 1-3, then fifth, sixth and seventh round picks. It would take at least a first- and second-round pick to get San Francisco interested. And maybe Lynch could squeeze another mid-round pick in 2022 to add to the range as he takes advantage of Nagy and Pace’s desperation.

Why Louis Riddick prefers Justin Fields over Mac Jones for the 49ers offense

“Look, I love Justin Fields, I think Justin Fields would be perfect in the same kind of setting as Trey Lance, so for San Francisco, I think it would make more sense,” Riddick said Friday on “Get Up.”

Given the success the 49ers have had with Garoppolo in the only fully healthy season he has given the franchise, fans need to be sure that whoever lines up below center in Week 1 next fall will be in good hands with Shanahan. and new offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel.

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