Golden Globes & # 39; Fiji Water Girl & # 39; suing the watermark


The model that went viral after photographing pictures of the red carpet at the Golden Globes while holding a tray of Fiji water bottles, reportedly pursues the brand for using its new fame as a marketing tool without their permission .

The Blast reported, Kelleth Cuthbert, whose real name is Kelly Steinbach, sued Fiji Water Company and The Wonderful Company, alleging that they used their viral internet fame to promote their product.

Cuthbert says that on January 7, one day after the awards ceremony, Fiji Water "created Steinbach cardboard cutouts intentionally to be used in a marketing campaign for cardboard cutouts," according to court documents obtained by the website.

The model alleges that the day after that, the company tried to negotiate an agreement with its agent, but the next day discovered that Fiji had already placed its cardboard cut in a Bristol Farms in West Hollywood, taking advantage of the fame of Cuthbert.

His cardboard cutout was even captured in a paparazzi photo behind John Legend when he was leaving the grocery store.

The lawsuit also argues that Fiji tried to offer "gifts to attract" Cuthbert to sign his rights, and even "pressured Steinbach to videotape a fake signature of a fake document to simulate that Steinbach had signed as water ambbadador in Fiji. " The team claims that the documents they signed were not an agreement and that they were later destroyed by Cuthbert.

Cuthbert says Fiji was aware that they never reached an agreement before using their image for profit and wants the company to stop using cardboard cutouts and take money out of monetary damages, the site said.

A representative of FIJI Water told us: "This demand is frivolous and completely without merit. After the social media moment of the Golden Globes, we negotiated a generous agreement with Mrs. Cuthbert that she flagrantly violated. We are confident that we will prevail in the Court. Throughout our history, we have had an excellent reputation working with talent. "

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