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This year, and try not to get too upset about this, gift-giving suites have been forced out of expensive hotel suites and onto the street outside of expensive hotels instead.

Weird thing, here’s some soap, and a luxury cruise vacation, a ritual in which rich stars receive things they might otherwise pay for, got even weirder this year. But to make the practice a little less gross this year, 10 first responders have also been given some loot. Included this year is a $ 149 (?) Active bluetooth mask, as well as, for some, a trip to Bali.

American Horror Story actress Adina Porter

American Horror Story actress Adina Porter Photograph: Valérie Macon / AFP / Getty Images

Gift bags with some protective masks.

Gift bags with some protective masks Photo: Valérie Macon / AFP / Getty Images

Eugene Levy and his wife Deborah Divine speak with Catherine O'Hara at the Luxe Hotel, where they collect their gift bags.

Eugene Levy and his wife Deborah Divine speak with Catherine O’Hara at the Luxe hotel, where they collect their gift bags Photo: Valérie Macon / AFP / Getty Images


Often demoted as the lesser half of the night, it’s easy to forget that the Balloons are also a celebration of the small screen, something that has become a standard joke at this stage (Fey and Poehler will almost certainly bring it up somewhere. moment).

But this year more than ever, we’ve seen a ton more shows than movies, so maybe that’s about to change? Here is Adrian Horton bravely guessing who and what might emerge victorious:


Margot robbie

Margot Robbie Photograph: Todd Williamson / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

Greetings from the fashion team! Hannah Marriott and Priya Elan here, blowing the dust off our critical faculties, as it’s been a while since we’ve had a red carpet to evaluate. Let’s start with host Margot Robbie, in a tiered, belted Chanel – look 3 from the spring / summer 21 runway, I think. She looks great. Personally, I am happy to have an outfit to look at that is not my own sweatpants.


The last few years have seen a divisive discussion about whether an awards presenter is necessary. Recent examples – Ricky Gervais, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel – haven’t exactly inspired us to want more than a robot announcing winners, but when we try to remember the last great example, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler stand out far from the rest.

The pair have hosted three times before, managing to be sharp without being too stingy, skillfully skewering both the industry and the Globes themselves and, as flashy as tonight may be, they should provide us with some valuable moments.

Here’s a reminder of the best of them:



Photograph: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Talk of the city over the past week has been the result of the LA Times damaging investigation into the makeup and practices of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The group of 87 international journalists have long been ridiculed by the industry for being a small and questionable but strangely influential clique, plagued with bribery rumors and accused of opting for the allure of star power over the recognition of genuine talent. At this stage, anyone who lights the Globes and expects a fair and balanced review of the past year is high on something, but these recent revelations have uncovered more alleged corruption and trouble than any of us knew about.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • Of the 87 members, not a single one is black
  • The HFPA is a nonprofit organization, however, in the last fiscal year, members reportedly collected nearly $ 2 million in payments from the group, something that could lead to problems with the IRS.
  • More than 30 members flew to Paris to promote the Emily show in Paris and enjoyed a luxurious stay (the show ended with two nominations).
  • Many of the members write for unknown outlets, and advertisers are reportedly forced to work with them for fear of being punished by the HFPA in general.
  • Members include a wealthy socialite and a bodybuilder-turned-actor.
  • Members have also been penalized for selling gifts sent by advertisers, as well as tickets to the ceremony itself.


We go for gold

Carey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman.

Carey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman. Photograph: AP

Arriving nearly two months later than usual, this year’s Golden Globes ceremony is about to kick off a strange awards season with controversy, confusion, and a refreshing amount of unpredictability.

It’s usually the most laid back, drunken, and goofy awards show of the year, and the presenters and presenters take it as seriously as we should. Tonight will be even weirder than usual: the hosts, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (praise be), and the presenters will be in person on the east and west coasts, while all the nominees will be at home. In a way it worked for the Emmys last year, even with a less confident emcee, and almost a year after the pandemic, things technically should be skillfully handled tonight, all with much more confidence in the complexities of virtual life. .

Anticipated winners include Carey Mulligan, the late Chadwick Boseman, and at least one person from The Crown, but success will come with a shadow. For years many of us have known that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a strange group of 87 loosely labeled journalists, has been a joke, handing out awards to undeserving winners, more impressed with celebrity than talent, But a recent Los Angeles Times expose has shown us an even darker side (more on that later).

It will be interesting to see how Fey and Poehler handle this tonight, if at all, but increased scrutiny will add an edge to the night for sure. Stay with us for what’s up like a red carpet in 2021 – all the many winners, the easy-to-cut home speeches, and any other controversy that comes up. It will be unique.



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