Goldberg photo with WWE title posted by company, Drew McIntire’s response –

Goldberg photo with WWE title posted by company, Drew McIntire’s response

Drew McIntire may be out of action after a positive COVID-19 test, but the WWE Champion is still determined to defend his title against Goldberg at the Royal Rumble.

The latest COVID-19 outbreak in the WWE has not ended thanks to the top matches on the Royal Rumble card. WWE has continued the build-up to the WWE Championship match on TV and all social media platforms.

WWE’s Instagram handle posted a photo of Goldberg with the WWE Championship to understand fans’ reactions.

The following photo is captioned with: Could this be next for @ goldberg95 on #RoyalRumble?

It should come as no surprise that most fans do not wish to see Goldberg with the WWE Championship. Almost all comments are against the idea of ​​Goldberg occupying the large gold belt. Drew McIntire reacted to the post, stating that he was only there for comments. You can check the IG post and its comments below for yourself:

WWE Championship fights for Royal Rumble

The story between Goldberg and Drew McIntire was closed at the end of the Legends Night episode of Monday Night RAW. McIntyre appeared after the match against former WCW champion Keith Lee and issued a challenge to the WWE champion.

Last week’s episode had a bizarre ending, as Goldberg provided a strange reason behind his motivation to go up against Drew McIntire. Superstars flew head before the show flew into the air.

Drew McIntire tests positive for COVID-19 before this week’s Raw threatening to derail all of WV’s well-crafted plans. Despite being in quarantine, the Scottish warrior appeared on Raw in two video segments. He first addressed fans and provided a health update. In the second segment, Drew McIntire accepted Goldberg’s challenge, and the match was officially booked for the Royal Rumble PPV.

The belief that Goldberg and McIntire will not be involved in a long match should ideally end with a winning retention of the WWE title for the Scottish superstar. However, WWE has made several large-scale appearances with Goldberg in the past, and it could happen once again. Will Goldberg create history by becoming the new WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble?

Published 13 January 2021, 04:09 IST


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