Goldberg makes surprise and questionable WWE return for Royal Rumble Show Down –

Goldberg makes surprise and questionable WWE return for Royal Rumble Show Down

Goldberg faces Drew McIntire for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble after a shocking comeback on “Monday Night Raw”.

The 54-year-old veteran lost universal title to Bron Strowman at WrestleMania 36 and made his first appearance after confronting the Scotsman.

He joined a host of icons in a return to WWE for a special Legends episode of Monday Night Raw – but the ex-WCW star had just one cameo appearance on his mind.

McIntire was defending her title against fellow powerhouse Keith Lee on the show’s main event.

The two enjoyed an epic fight when the Brit powerbombing his opponent through the announce table, while he also managed to fight back after being caught with the Spanish fly off the top rope.

Ultimately, it was McIntire who landed the Claymore kick for the win.

However, as he thought his night was over, Goldberg’s music suddenly became a hit as he walked into the ring and grabbed a microphone.

Goldberg began by praising McIntire, saying he had not received the honor of his talent. But then he claimed that the winners only see the legends as their chief and think that he is better than them.

Goldberg challenged him to a title match at Rumble on 31 January. McIntyre replied that it would be to fight his own father.

And that provoked Goldberg, who angrily sent the 35-year-old crashed man to the mat with a huge shock as the show closed.

Goldberg came out of retirement to make his return to the WWE in 2017, but he wrestled only four times, drawing fierce criticism for the quality of those performances as well as the heavy pay he received.

Despite being only part-time, he is believed to have received a seven-figure fee for his last two appearances in Saudi Arabia.

The first was in June 2019, when Goldberg lost to The Undertaker at the Super Show in a devastating bout, which was fraught with serious mistakes.

He almost caused the Undertaker serious injury from Jackhammer’s unsuccessful effort, while also injuring him.

Fans later became furious, and that anger intensified when he killed the highly popular “The Find” Bray Wyatt in the Super Showdown back in February to become Universal Champion in Super Popdown.

She was then replaced by Strowman as she faced Roman Rains in ‘Mania’ before being eliminated from Big Dog’s show, which defeated Goldberg swiftly.

The WCW legend is believed to have retired after his disappointing recent outing, but he broke that theory by revealing under contract with WWE by 2023.


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