Going forward, PS4 games may have a ‘PS5 upgrade available’ badge on their box

Look for a heads-up near the bottom of the cover

How do you know if a PlayStation 4 game has a PS5 upgrade? Look for the badge on the box (maybe).

Looking for box art Amar Phenix Rising, Ubisoft’s Tech Wild breath-Style open-world adventure, the game features a “PS5 upgrade available” badge – the first one I’ve seen of its kind.

Publishers are doing a lot of their own talking about cross-gene-graphical and performance upgrades – whether they are free, or paid, and for how long – and this badge is a way of giving a headline that there is An upgrade, and you have to hit Google for details.

In this particular case, Immortal X / S will use smart delivery on the Xbox One and Xbox series as a free perk, and the PS4 version of the game will provide access to the digital PS5 version at no additional cost.

Enter this story under the “mildly interesting-Jean Floff for Friday afternoon”. Cold?

Here at Destructoid, we are debating whether we should refuse to call Amar Phenix Rising With its new (and oddly colon-less) name in favor of using the original, far less divisive title Gods and demons.

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