Godiva is closing or selling all its stores in the United States

The company is closing or selling all of its brick-and-mortar stores in North America, it announced in a statement. It plans to complete closures and sales by the end of March.

Godiva will open its stores in Europe, Middle East and Greater China. The company has not given information about how many employees will be let go because of the closure.

Less than two years later, Godiva was planning a massive expansion by entering the cafe business. Chocolatier opened its first cafe in the United States in New York City in April 2019 and announced that it planned to open 10 more cafes in New York and more than 400 across the United States. It was part of a plan to open 2,000 new cafes worldwide.

But that plan never materialized. Godiva relied heavily on mall traffic, which has been very bad even before the epidemic. But Kovid was the final nail in the coffin for Godiva, along with dozens of other underperforming businesses.
The retail apocalypse in particular has come for restaurants, mall stores, businesses that rely on impulse shopping and luxury retailers. Godiva represents all those wasted categories.


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