Godfall’s new combat trailer showcases more PS5 gameplay

Dom Papiat, Sunday, 13 September 2020 until 10:50 GMT

Gearbox Software and Counterplay Games have revealed more information about upcoming PS5 and PC games, Godfall, As part of a PAX Digital X EGX Digital Showcase.

During the showcase, the developer shared a new 4K video showing the third-person bout in the game, giving us the best way to see how the gameplay vibes in Godfall to date.

The new trailer cuts between gameplay and cutscan, showcasing the game’s intense combat and impressive graphics in equal measure.

Three different versions of the game were also unveiled at the showcase: the Godfall Standard Edition, which includes the base game at $ 59.99; Godfall Deluxe Edition, including the base game and its first expansion at $ 79.99; And the Godfall Ascended Edition, including the base game, the first expansion, and the Godfall Ascended “Digital Cosmetic Material” $ 89.99.

If you pre-order through the Epic Games store, you’ll also be able to secure yourself a Godfall Starter Pack and include a Chrome Silverman, Phoenix and Greyhawk Skin cosmetic variant, a yellow Typhon variant and Zero’s Sword in the Borderlands Will be included which you can use in battle through the game.

There is no word on PS5 pre-orders for the game at this time, but chances are we’ll hear more about that in the upcoming PlayStation 5 showcase which is scheduled to take place on 16 September.

Godfall himself is set to release ‘Holiday 2020’ on PS5 and PC.

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