God of War 2 is official, and is called God of War: Ragnarok

Next game in God of war The series received its first appearance in the PS5 showcase, and its God of War: Ragnarok.

While this was our first confirmation that the game is appropriate, there was no surprise in its arrival: things were set up for a sequel, apparently at the end of the last game, without going into spoiler. Fans of God of War have been confirming an official follow-up ever since they have been An official PS4 dynamic theme teased “Ragnarok Coming” And occasional cryptocurrency from creative director Corey Barlog.

(Image Credit: Sony)

Speaking of secret teasing from Cory Barlog, he said It revealed By making some important changes to your Twitter account. Which included replacing his profile picture with the image of dark brown snow and the image of his banner with a stock image of a bunch of redacted Latin text.