Goaltender Philippe Grubauer Stars suffered 1 loss in the second period of Avalanche’s game.

Colorado Avalanche goalscorer Philip Grubauer defeated his team 5–3 at the hands of the Dallas Stars on Saturday due to injury.

In the second period, Grubauer went down on the ice after pushing away a shot with his right skate. He was helped by the Trainers and replaced by Pavel Francoz as Colorado dropped Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinal Series.

“Apparently, he is in a situation where he said something, and he is unable to continue,” Avalanche coach Jared Bednar said. “So this is already bad news. Time will tell how long he is going to be out. I have no idea at this point. … It’s going to be Franchos’ net here.”

Grubauer, who was 5-0-1 with 1.49 goals against average and is coming to Game 1, allowed three goals on 10 shots in the Edmonton, Alberta, bubble with a 9.3 percent save. Franceauz stopped 18 of 20 shots.

The Avalanche pulled Frankouz from the ice, with the 3:24 man left for the advantage.

This is the first time in the postseason round that Colorado has trialled in a series that defeated Arizona in Round 1 in five matches. Dallas is never involved in Game 1.

“They barely came out, no doubt,” Colorado forward Gabriel Landskog said of the Stars, who defeated the Calgary Flames in six matches in the previous round. “Towards the end of that Calgary series, it looked like they had come into their own and started playing better than what they showed in the goal robin.”

Bedern consented.

“We made some bad decisions, some bad reads. I would give full credit to Dallas. They were ready and willing to compete to win,” he said. “We didn’t do some smart things. Our brains weren’t switched on, and they weren’t engaged.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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