GMs ousted will not fill positions for Jared Porter

Upon returning to the Mets, Sandy Alderson planned to oversee the entire organization, with the president of baseball operations and general manager under him.

Then it became Alderson and just one GM.

On Tuesday, it became a completely Sandy Alderson show.

Following the dismissal of GM Jared Porter – she was fired after ESPN sent lewd text messages to a female journalist in 2016 – Alderson indicated she had no immediate plans to fill the position. This would leave Alderson running the front office with the GM-by-committee of sorts.

Key players are assistant GM Jack Scott, senior strategy officer John Ricco, vice president for amateur and international scouting Tommy Tannus, head of pro scouting Brian Alderson, and Ian Levine, senior director of baseball operations. In addition, Ben Zuzemer was recently appointed to oversee research and development from Dodgers. Joe Lefkowitz, a research and development manager, also participates in daily zoom meetings.

Sandy Alderson
Sandy Alderson

Scott, a former Red Sox executive, was runner-up for Porter for the GM job. His strength is in analytics.

“One of the things we lack is the same kind of contacts and information that we were able to get through Jared,” Alderson said. “Jared has a lot of contacts in the game – not only at the GM level, but at the Assistant GM level and below. It is a rich source of information and can lead to small deals filling our roster. This is an area we must choose. “

Alderson’s involvement at this point has come in large transactions, highlighting the trade from Cleveland to Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco.

“My focus will shift somewhat towards baseball and we’ll see how things develop,” Alderson said. “One of the things I was happy about was how the front office team was developing as a group under the leadership of Jared.

“Jared was energetic, he was knowledgeable and I was really pleased with the direction she was taking. This is a secondary result in this situation, but I will be a little more involved, but I have great faith in our group and I am sure they will be able to make the move. “


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