GMC Hummer Electric Pickup: New Photos and Features Released

GM has released more information about the GMC Hummer Electric pickup and new pictures of prototypes and battery packs.

As we reported earlier today that GM had announced the unveiling for the Hummer EV pickup truck, we don’t know much about the new electric vehicle months after the announcement that they are reviving the brand.

However, GM has now also released a new teaser video, which includes a decent list of features for the new electric pickup truck:

  • 1,000 horses
  • Torque of 11,500 lb-ft
  • Infinite roof of open air
  • Modular sky panel
  • 0 to 60 mph speed in 3 seconds
  • Adrenaline Mode
  • Crab mode
  • Ultium battery
  • Super fast charging
  • Next gen supercruise
  • Ultra vision camera

Some of them were already released, but others are new, such as the Adrenaline and Crab modes, and the “Ultra Vision Camera”.

In addition, new images of the GMC Hummer EV prototype are being made in the teaser video:

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