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Gmail's extended right-click menu makes it easy to manage email

Currently, you can move, archive or delete an email or mark it as read or unread by right clicking on it. When the expanded menu is displayed, you can also quickly reply or resend an email with a single click. You can also search for similar emails, such as searching for other messages from that sender or emails with the same subject. The expanded menu will also give you the possibility to open multiple emails in new windows at the same time if you need to examine messages more carefully and quickly add a label to organize your inbox.

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New menu options will begin to extend to G Suite users starting today. The full launch of the feature is scheduled to begin on February 22 and will take up to three days to arrive for users. Google has been working to simplify its platform and make common features more easily available in G Suite lately, including additional shortcut to quickly create new documents and sheets, and remove the notification widget that is rarely visited.

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