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Gmail Redesign Sneak Peek: Do you like what Google did for the new image?

Android Authority and The Verge have offered a preview of the recently reported redesign of Gmail, which will also include several new features. Do you like what Google did for the new look of Gmail? ( Android Authority )

Shortly after the reports of a new Gmail design, we now have an advance of the new appearance of the service of electronic mail of Google, courtesy of our friends of Android Authority and The Verge [19659003] The redesign of Gmail was delayed, and Google finally promised a "clean new look for Gmail on the web." The question now is whether veteran Gmail users will like what Google did to change the aesthetics of the service.

Gmail New filtered look

An email from Google to G Suite administrators hinted that Gmail would soon be redesigned, according to recent reports. The new look of Gmail will also include several new features, but there were no screenshots of exactly what Google will change with the design of the email service.

Fortunately, Android Authority and The Verge were able to acquire images of the new Gmail interface. According to the Android Authority, a reliable source offered the first version of the Gmail redesign, which confirmed feature reports such as Smart Response, postponed email and a sidebar that provides easy access to Google applications, as Calendar. The Verge, meanwhile, said the new look of Gmail was being tested within Google and its trusted partners and that the redesign includes subtle elements of the company's material design language.

The new Gmail apparently will offer users three designs to choose from. The Default View shows users the type of attachments to their emails through different colored icons, while the Comfortable View uses the familiar icon of the clip to point to an attachment. There is also the Compact View, which is similar to the Comfortable view, but with less vertical white space.

When observing screenshots, users who are used to the current look and feel should not fear the next changes. This is still Gmail as it is now, but it is inspired by the material design language of Google that emphasizes clean and minimalist lines, contrasting with bold graphics. New features are welcome, but they will not hinder the functioning of Gmail at this time.

When will the Gmail changes take effect?

It is said that Google plans to implement the new appearance of Gmail to G Suite and regular users in the coming weeks, although no specific date has yet been mentioned.

Google will hold this year's I / O developer conference from May 8 to 10. Officially unveil and launch the new version of Gmail in The annual event makes sense, so users can be watching less than a month before they can enjoy the new Gmail design and new features.

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