Gmail for Android adds lovely swipe action animations

In addition to integrating Chat and Rooms with Gmail, Google recently introduced minor but delightful animations when swiping emails in list view on Android.

Gmail mobile apps have long offered “mail swipe actions” to quickly archive, delete, mark as read / unread, move and snooze messages. It is a very convenient way to classify your inbox. Each gesture is already distinguished by a background color, but Google is now animating the icon to provide additional confirmation of the action.

For example, marking as read closes the envelope fold, while the file moves the arrow to a box. Delete lifts the lid of the trash can, moving sees another arrow action, and snoozing spins the clock. It’s an absolutely small but whimsical detail, and these animations join how Gmail for Android in February added confirmatory vibration feedback to prevent accidental slipping.

Make sure you have the latest Gmail for Android update (version 2021.03.07) installed from last week to get these swipe animations. It is not available in the iOS app.

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