Gmail appears to have removed the button that lets you load loads of emails at once

If you’re not of the Inbox Zero type – and I certainly am not – you can sometimes count on Gmail’s “Select all conversations that match this search”, reading hundreds or thousands of messages simultaneously , Option to archive or delete.

Except that we can’t do it anymore, nor have we seen many angry Gmail users. The option has run out and disappeared.

Instead, when we search, a handful are looking at a nav bar with shortcut buttons:

Google did not respond to our requests for comment, so we are not yet sure whether we are seeing an official new UI overhaul, quick use, or perhaps a bug for Gmail. A Gmail help thread from six days ago is still unanswered.

It seems that Google’s own Gmail support team was unaware of a change; At least on some occasions, They have been instructing readers He no longer works.

For now, if you want to read, archive, or delete more than one page worth of conversation at a time, you may need to use filters instead “Also apply filters to conversations” Button, and then remove the filter after the fact.

I tried it with some newspapers, and it is still working. This is just a hassle.

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