GM returning with two commercials for new electric vehicles

One of this year’s General Motors two Super Bowl commercials will be Cadillac Lyric. In this provided screenshot of a Cadillac advertisement, Lyriq appears in the fictional neighborhood of the 1990 film “Edward Sizzordhands”.


DETROIT – General Motors will air two commercials during a Super Bowl advertisement for its all-electric vehicles, the company confirmed to CNBC on Wednesday.

One of the 60-second commercials will feature the company’s new focus on electric vehicles – GM’s first corporate spot in more than a decade – while the second will feature the automaker’s luxury Cadillac brand and its upcoming Lyric crossover EV.

GM is recently launching a new advertising campaign Revamping its corporate logo represents its axis for EVs, including 30 new models globally through 2025 under a $ 27 billion investment in electric and autonomous vehicles. The tagline includes a new “Everyone” with the new logo.

GM General Marketing Officer Deborah Pahl said in a statement, “General Motors is building a movement by making EVs fun, desirable and accessible to people.” “We are excited to demonstrate the tremendous energy and enthusiasm behind our EV commitment by making a big showing at this year’s Super Bowl with both GM and Cadillac.”

A GM spokesman declined to discuss more details of the ads, which are likely to be released during the Super Bowl LV next Sunday between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City chiefs ahead of their national broadcast.

Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Grady said separately that the brand’s Super Bowl ad will “surprise and delight viewers by transporting an iconic piece of pop-culture history into the future.” He said that it will introduce the company’s Super Cruise Hands-Free Driver Assist system along with Lyriq. This will be Cadillac’s first commercial since 2012 during the Super Bowl.

This will be GM’s second consecutive commercial during the Super Bowl. A year ago, the company previewed its all-electric GMC Hummer EV pickup. The 30-second ad featured NBA star Lebron James and teased the new vehicle, which is expected to go on sale this fall.


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