GM plans to sell exclusively electric vehicles by 2035

The new target comes with recent and upcoming EV introductions, including the Hummer EV poster child, the new Chevy Bolt and the Cadillac Celestique. GM intends to offer 30 new EVs by 2025 by now, and expects that by 2030 most or all Cadillacs will be electric.

GM has supported electric transportation for some time, but critics have accused it of focusing its attention on who drives the US. It attempted to remove California from its power to institute independent fuel emission regulations, supporting the Trump administration’s lawsuit, but returned shortly after Joe Biden’s election victory. President Biden signed a series of pro-environmental policies just one day before GM’s announcement, including a review of fossil fuel development – while GM may not have made a snap decision, it clearly knows that White will not have many fans in the combustion engine. houses.

The question is whether other American automakers will follow suit. Ford and Fiat Chrysler have talked about electrifying their lineups for years, but they have yet to set a cutoff point where EVs are the only option at the dealership. While GM’s announcement may be about generating positive press as helping the planet, it may not be a problem if it spreads to rivals to follow suit.

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