Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle gave us a fantastic Verzu ‘fight’.

The event brings the two artists together to stand against each other and has become an almost essential scene during the epidemic.

Typically participants play their songs and chat a little, while occasionally bringing a special guest here and watching can offer their views in the comments section.

But Knight, 77, and 76-year-old LaBelle showed us why they are legends as they actually sing along to their hit films – which thrill viewers not only on Instagram, but also on Apple Music and YouTube Huh.

And when it was framed as a “fight”, there was nothing but love among the iconic singers.

“We are very happy to get together,” LaBelle said as soon as they opened the event, sitting in a location in Philadelphia socially far from each other. “We’ve been together for many, many, many years.”

The pair hit Knight’s hit with Pipps “Midnight Train to Georgia” and his James Bond movie theme “License to Kill” with LaBle’s “Over the Rainbow” and “If You Acquired Me Too”. – After which he made a remake of Céline Dion.

“Céline I did after that,” LaBel said of “If You Ask Me Too”, “his version featured on the soundtrack of the James Bond film,” License to Kill. ”

During their discussion, Knight and LaBelle covered a variety of topics, including the need for people to vote and their renowned culinary skills (LaBelle has a line of desserts and Knight is the former owner of a Chicken and Waffles franchise, who He was named).)

The women wrapped up the evening with a surprise appearance by their contemporary and friend, singer Dion Warwick.