Giuliani will not be part of Trump’s impeachment defense

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolf W. Giuliani will not participate in the president’s defense at the Senate trial for his second impeachment, a person close to Mr. Trump said on Monday.

Mr. Trump met with Mr. Giuliani at the White House on Saturday night, and the next day the President began telling people that Mr. Giuliani would not be part of the team. It is unclear who the defense counsel will be for Mr. Trump, noting that many lawyers have said privately that they will not represent him.

Mr. Giuliani first stated that he was participating in the trial and then a day later he said he had no involvement.

He told ABC News on Sunday that he would not be part of the rescue, noting that he is a potential witness as he lectured at the Jan. 6 rally of Trump supporters who went into a storm at the Capitol complex, beating it. gave. Hours.

Yet the day before, Mr. Giuliani told ABC News that he would indeed be involved in the defense of impeachment, and left open the possibility for Trump to show Trump. That interview had discredited Trump’s advisers and was a far-off bridge to the president himself, who described personal conversations on condition of anonymity, according to a person close to the president.

While the president has decades-old ties with Mr. Juliani, Mr. Trump’s advisors blamed him for both impeachments that have faced the president.

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