Giuliani denied that he had done anything wrong in the new ‘Borat’ film.

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolf W. Giuliani is caught up in the new “Borat” satire of Sacha Baron Cohen, which is depicted in an edited scene, showing an actress lying in bed in a bedroom and a reporter in a bedroom and laying her hands Is shown. What he later said was an attempt to adjust his clothes.

An excerpt from Mr. Cohen’s new “Borat Subrendum Moviefilm”, which will be released on Friday, was posted on social media Wednesday after The Guardian The film was reported to have “a compromise scene” featuring Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City.

Late Wednesday night, m. Giuliani made the call in New York’s WABC Radio, stating that he was tucking into his shirt after removing the microphone’s wires, and to discredit his recent efforts to defame Joseph R. Stopped until early release of this scene. Biden Jr.’s son, Hunter Biden.

“The Borut video is a complete fabrication,” Mr Giuliani, 76, tweeted after taking off from the air. “I was not inappropriate at any time before, during, or after the interview. If the true Baron Cohen is interpreted, then it is a stone lie. “

“I called the police,” he said in a brief text exchange on Wednesday. “He and all his crew fled leaving their devices behind.”

A clip that surfaced on social media, heavily edited to fit the actor’s signature mockery format, starts with Mr. Giuliani, sitting on a couch and answering questions. Soon after, the actress, who speaks with a heavy Eastern European accent, asks the former mayor if they can continue their discussion in the bedroom. Mr. Giuliani agrees, and is then shown sitting on the bed, as she appears to take off her microphone and he is seen patting her.

The section then cuts off the image of Mr. Giuliani, bending over the bed, putting his hands down in front of his pants.

“I had to take off the electronic device,” Mr. Gulliani told the host of the “Curtis & Juliet Show”. “And when the electronic devices went off, some of them were in the back and my shirt came out a little, although I had my clothes all over. I leaned back, and I put my shirt in, and at that point, they have this picture they take that looks principled, but in any event, I’m tucking my shirt. It makes me believe that I am the one. doing.”

The scene ends with Mr. Cohen, dressed in an outer pink dress, bursting into the room and screaming that the woman, played by actor Maria Baklova, was 15 (the actor is 24, according to the IMDB database).

Mr. Giuliani said that Mr. Cohen was horrified by his call to the police, he spoke and quit talking with the filmmaker’s lawyer.

The former mayor is not the first to become a Republican politician in one of Mr. Cohen’s cringe-indenturing pranks.

In 2018, Mr. Cohen gave former Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore the showtime satire show “Who’s America?” Tried to give an interview for.

Later in 2018, a Republican legislator from Georgia resigned after repeatedly shouting a racial episode in Mr. Cohen’s Showtime series.

Former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin accused Mr. Cohen of pretending to be a disabled veteran to land an interview with her, in which she stated that her bar- The bar was part of the effort and “devalued” the Central American class.

“He’s got a lot of people – Newt Gingrich,” said Mr. Juliani, who insisted he was not taken in by Mr. Cohen. He got Donald Trump before becoming president.

Mr. Cohen’s new film, “Borat Subrendum Movefilm: Delivery Benefit of Bribes to American Benefit for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation Kazakhstan,” is set to be released on Friday on Amazon Prime.

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