Giuliani criticizes Blasio’s ‘stupid’ ‘communists’, says Black Lives Matter ‘is not a benign organization’

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani criticized incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio in “Hannity” on Friday, saying the incumbent’s policies have undone the progress the city made under Giuliani and his successor Michael Bloomberg. .

Giuliani was particularly critical of De Blasio for commissioning artists to paint “Black Lives Matter” on Fifth Avenue outside of Trump Tower, as well as showing leniency towards Black Lives Matter protests at a time when other major events in the city have been canceled.

“I thought he was the worst mayor in the history of the city, now he will have written it as a headline in history,” Giuliani told host Jason Chaffetz. “Just think of the contradiction. I mean, everyone else can’t go. We have to wear masks. We have to break up. But if they’re protesting, they can stay together, they can spit in each other’s faces, they can hug and squeeze and you’re not going to get COVID-19 “.

“Black Lives Matter,” Giuliani continued, “is an organization led by three Marxists and funded by a convicted terrorist, whom he turned out to have convicted, who served 58 years in prison and received a corrupt pardon from Bill Clinton,” he said. .

“This is not a benign organization,” added the former mayor. “I still cannot say that we can demonstrate that it is a terrorist organization. It is certainly a violent organization, and I believe that in time it will be demonstrated that it is a terrorist organization.”

Giuliani also criticized De Blasio for denigrating the New York police and cutting his funds in recent weeks, before returning to the topic of the mural in front of the Trump Tower.


“He’s putting ‘Black Lives Matter’ in front of the president’s personal residence,” he mused. “The President who wants … to help rescue New York – [he] he’s not only a communist but he’s stupid. “