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Giphy creates a transparent GIF library for Instagram stories

Instagram now allows some users to copy Giphy's bottomless GIF in their Instagram stories. The new GIF tag engine, which will be launched for wider tests with a Giphy brand design, could further differentiate Instagram Stories from Snapchat, which has not yet adopted the animation trend. It seems that Giphy has worked with Instagram to create a special engine search for a library of GIF files designed to overlay photos and videos instead of sharing them alone. The backgrounds and transparent fragments of these GIFs have been cut to fit their images.

Instagram's new transparent GIF search engine, powered by Giphy

Facebook and Giphy have been working more closely recently on custom GIF databases, as the two created a set of chosen and safe animations for children in the new Messenger Kids application for users under 13 years old. Previously, Giphy helped Facebook to launch a GIF comment button.

Instagram's initial GIF sharing tests were reported by The Next Web in November, but details were sparse and the product did not have a "Giphy" logo in the search bar. Now more users in the Philippines and Brazil are having access. The screenshots above come from the Brazilian social networking consultancy Mika Mota.

Instagram was abnormally cautious when discussing the feature, perhaps because an ad associated with Giphy is looming. However, after an initial "no comment", an Instagram spokesperson told me "we are always trying out new experiences for the Instagram community". Giphy did not respond to a request for comments before press time.

[19659002] Instagram has become an exchange center for home-made animations thanks to its popular Boomerang feature that started as a standalone application before entering Stories. Recently, Instagram added an intelligent stabilization that makes its image loops forwards and backwards much less unstable. And Facebook has tested its own GIF creation button in the Boomerang style.

But now, Instagram seems ready to open up to external GIF engines to expand its library of stickers. Instagram already offers some accessories such as sunglasses and mustaches, seasonal images, standard emoji, weather and location overlays, time stamps, selfie stickers and augmented reality face masks. However, if you want Stories to remain interesting, you have to continue to train users with new ways to improve their publications. Working with a third party like Giphy that in turn adds content from user presentations could bring an endless parade of embellishments to Instagram Stories.

While Snapchat offers augmented reality animated World Lenses and Bitmoji, it still does not offer a GIF or Exchange experience similar to Boomerang for Stories. You could say that it keeps its authentic Stories, but for the children of the whole world that sit down in their little stimulating rooms, it could leave a little boring what they share. In April we wrote that Snapchat's anti-developer attitude was limiting its potential. In December, he finally relaxed his control over the experience by beginning to allow developers to build their own AR filters, although Snap will not help them promote them unless they pay.

Facebook's decade-old platform and its culture of working with external developers could help keep its products fresh at a time when it is desperate to foster the exchange. The company announced a recall of public editorial content on News Feed with the hope of promoting wellness through active interaction among friends rather than passive consumption. One way to boost that momentum is by giving people ways to communicate creatively visually without having to paint a masterpiece by themselves.

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