Gingerbread Monolith Delights San Francisco on Christmas Day

San Francisco (AP) – In true pop-up art fashion, a nearly 7-foot-tall monolith made of gingerbread mysteriously appeared on a San Francisco hill on Christmas day and collapsed the next day.

The three-way tower, which was kept piecemeal together and decorated with some gum, cheered the city on Friday when word spread about its existence.

During his morning run, Anand Sharma told KQED-FM He climbed Corona Heights Park to watch the sunrise when he saw what he thinks is a big post. He said he smelled the smell of gingerbread before realizing it.

“It made me smile. I wonder who did it, and when they put it there, ”he said.

People trekked throughout the day in the park, even almanac, food items fell due to light rain. In a video posted online, someone took a bite of gingerbread.

Phil Ginsberg, head of the city’s Department of Recreation and Parks, told KQED that the site “looked like a great place to get baked” and confirmed that his staff would not remove the monument unless “cookie icing Would have been. “

As of Saturday morning, it was certainly a fitting end, a tribute to the discovery and rapid disappearance of a shining metal monolith in the red-rock desert of Utah last month. It became a worldwide attraction as it developed the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” and led to speculation about its other origins.

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The static-anonymous maker of the Utah monument did not allow hollow, stainless steel objects to be placed on public lands.

A similar metal structure was found and quickly disappeared on a hill in northern Romania. City officials said that days later, another monolith was discovered on the crest of a trail in Attascadero, California, but it was later destroyed by a group of young people.


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