Gilead says that it will be able to make enough reedivir to meet global coronovirus demand in October

A lab technician inspects a vial of an investigational duct virus (COVID-19) treatment drug Remedisvir at the Gilead Sciences facility in La Verne, California.

Gilead Science | Via REUTERS

The biotech firm said Gilead Sciences would be able to make its antiviral drug remediesvir to meet global demand due to the coronovirus epidemic in October.

In addition, Gilead said it plans to roll out more than 2 million treatment courses of the drug by the end of the year and is projected to be able to make “several million more” in 2021, adding that the drug supply is “50- “Has exceeded fold” since January.

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, there are no FDA-approved drugs for coronovirus, which has infected more than 18 million people worldwide and killed at least 710,136 people in about seven months.

But doctors have been using an intravenous drug developed in recent months to treat HIV, on Kovid-19 patients. Research has shown that it helps reduce the recovery time of some hospitalized coronovirus patients. In May, the FDA granted Remedisvir an Emergency Use Authority, allowing hospitals and doctors to use the drug on hospitalized Covid-19 patients, although the drug has not been formally approved by the agency.

In May, Gilead said it struck a licensing agreement with five generic drugmakers to manufacture Remedisvir for 127 countries, not including the US, which faces health care bottlenecks amid the epidemic. The guild said the deal expanded with nine drugmakers and companies were beginning the manufacturing process.

During a conference call last week discussing the company’s earnings, Gilead officials said they expected to sell 1 million to 1.5 million treatment courses of the drug this year.

Gilead is selling Remedivir in the US for $ 520 per vial for patients with private insurance and $ 390 per vial with federal insurance programs, as well as in foreign countries. The company stated that most patients treated with Remedisvir receive a five-day treatment course using six vials of Remedivir.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced an agreement on June 29, which provides more than 500,000 treatment courses of antiviral medication to US hospitals through September. It represents 100% of Gilead’s projected production for July and 90% of August and September production, according to the agency.

The US government collects data from hospitals on the number of Kovid-19 patients to determine what amount of antiviral medication should be sent to each state or territory.


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